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Best Time of the Year to Buy Things on Sale

Timing is important especially when it comes to frugal consumers who want to make that big purchase. Knowing the best time to make a purchase goes a long way in saving money. Prices of some items fluctuate at different times of the year and depending on the retailers’ stock.

According to financial experts, there are certain times within the year where consumers can get better deals on certain items. Here is a comprehensive guide detailing the best times of the year when you should buy certain items.


Holiday Items, Furniture, Winter Wear, Electronics, Gym Memberships

Limited time sale sticker.In January, Christmas items are normally sold at clearanced prices. It is time to purchase those crackers, wrapping paper and cards and keep them in stock for the following year. This is also the best time to purchase furniture, especially office furniture. If you are looking to purchase new clothing and winter wear, then consider this month. The price of electronics is also low as people sell unwanted Christmas gifts. Gyms and health clubs start their deals as people want to lose that holiday fat from eating sweets from the time the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays end.


Chocolate, Televisions, Mobile Phones, Gym Memberships, Boats

There is more winter clothing on clearance. This is also the time to purchase high-end chocolate that remains after Valentine’s Day. Televisions and mobile phones are highly discounted as well as audio equipment and video games. Membership prices for most gyms are also flexible when the rush dies. This is also the best time when you can buy a boat cheaper.


Winter Apparel, Sports Equipment, Luggage

March is the National Frozen Foods Month when you can buy foods to fill up your freezer at huge discounts. With the rising temperatures, you can strike a sweet deal on winter apparel and sporting equipment. Since it is in the middle of vacation seasons, this is the best time to buy luggage such as extra bags that you might need for your summer vacation.


Used Vehicles, Sneakers, Beauty Products, Tax Software, Ski Gear

Used vehicles are mainly collected by car dealers from auctions across the country, during this time of the year. April is also the time to buy quality sneakers with up to 50% discounts. There are also last minute deals on beauty products and tax software. Shop of ski gear and equipment since this is their end of season sale.


Home and Garden

Mattresses, lawn and garden items, spring clothing and camping equipment are best bought during this time. May is also that time of the year when you can get great deals on office furniture going up to June. You can also find bargains on gifts and home goods since this is the start of the season for graduations and weddings.


Lingerie, Gym Memberships

June is the best time to score huge discounts on Caribbean vacations, home décor and lingerie. Victoria’s secret holds a semi-annual sale, giving you the perfect opportunity to purchase some lingerie at great discounted prices. Health club memberships also have discounts since many gym enthusiasts are now training outdoors.


Tools, Furniture, Home Decor

The best time of the year to buy things such as tools is in July especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. With the arrival of new furniture in August, July offers another month of furniture clearance. Take advantage of this and purchase them at a discount. Since it is the middle of the wedding season, you will also find lots of home décor items on sale.


School Supplies, Office Supplies, Swimwear, Lawn and Garden

This is the back to school month. Therefore, expect discounts on office and school supplies, lunch totes, backpacks, and electronics such as tablets and laptops. Linens and storage containers are also having a discount as the kids go back to college. Stores with kids’ items are also having discounts. Summer apparel and swimwear are being sold at their lowest prices. If you want to purchase lawn mowers at some of the lowest prices, then August is the month for you.


New Cars, Bicycles, Mattresses, Lawn and Garden

If you are planning a holiday, this is the best time to purchase plane tickets. New car models are hitting the skids, which means a clearance sale for any leftovers. The same case applies to bicycles. With the Labor Day weekend approaching, expect to get some discounts on mattresses. Other items being sold at great discounts include lawn mowers, perennial plants, patio furniture, and sunglasses.


Halloween Items, Back to School Clearance, Appliances

There is no much activity on month. However, you can still expect discounts on new cars, denim wear, bicycles and Halloween costumes and decorations. There is also a clearance on back to school clothing and older-model appliances. Weddings also get to be cheaper when hosted during this time of the year. If you are not all about the latest model of bikes, then you can acquire one at a cheaper price especially the older models.


Black Friday Sales, Electronics

With the approaching festive season, there are huge discounts on both small and big items. Watch out for black Friday deals throughout this month. This is also the best time of the year to buy things such as digital cameras, tablets, laptops, vacuum cleaners, and other assorted electronics. Halloween candy and trappings are also on sale. You might also find some cheaper houses to buy with the run up to Christmas, since the market is a bit depressed.


Golf Clubs, Holiday Clearance after Christmas, Home Builders

This is the only time of the year when drop in prices is minimal, since demand is too high. Take this chance to get huge discounts on golf clubs, since it is the off-season. If you have an upcoming project for the following year, this is the best time to contact builders, so that they can include you as they organize their schedules. With the upcoming New Year, December is the best time to buy champagne at a discount.

General Tips for Purchasing Items during the Year

Apart from the times listed above, there are weekdays or times of the year, when you can purchase certain products. Here are some other tips to keep in mind if you are looking for discounts

  • Appliances are generally cheap on Sundays. Look out for great deals on major holidays such as Independence Day or Memorial Day.
  • Computers and electronics are very cheap on Mondays. This also applies to video games, TVs, and cameras.
  • Entertainment venues like amusement parks and museums have great discounts during the middle of the week when there are fewer attendants. Some museums also have free admission days when there is less traffic
  • The price of gas tends to be high during weekends. The best time to fill up is Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

If you are looking for great discounts on specific items, then you must be intelligent enough to know when to go shopping. This calendar should help you to plan for your purchases before any year begins.




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